Taking a Dip into Confidence

Monday, March 21, 2016

I made a purchase, a frightening purchase. I usually spend weeks looking for the perfect bathing suit… I also end up spending way too much on it too. This year, I’ve only tried a handful and hated them all. The style, the fit, my body, everything did not belong. I didn’t lose hope, finding this year’s suit has always proved itself a challenge. I decided to purchase one at a later date. This didn’t postpone the explosion of swimsuit ads and offers. Then I stumbled upon the Cupshe Cut to It Shell Swimsuit…

The suit I ultimately chose was from a link on Pinterest. I purchased it based on a measurement chart and reviews. I decided on free (super slow) shipping so I’ll have plenty of time to spontaneously become super hot overnight and the overall quality of the bathing suit will not phase me. The bathing suit is very affordable and adorable, I just have a few concerns…
 ·      The bust fit
 ·      The high-cut leg
·       My tummy
·       The gap
·       The fabric quality
·       Everything else... 

Expected Delivery: Friday, April 1st, 2016