Cheeky Little Chat & Future Agenda

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

After my DIY post last Tuesday, I realized I truly wanted to post at least once a week. I understand I have absolutely no organization to my blog or it's theme, but I think this has potential to actually become something... No, not become that "trendy" little blog, but proof to myself that I am more than a potato in a world of carrots. I just want to be good at something... So, the excuses stop now.

No more sleeping in,
No more avoiding exercise,
No more treating my family like crap,
No more shutting out my friends,
No more waiting,
No more, no more, no more.

I want to be that person that everyone wants to be around. I want to be the person who people spontaneously call up for random activities. I want to change!

My health has slowly become my enemy... But the worst part is, I did this to myself. I made excuses. Now playing with a hula hoop for twenty minutes with my little sister is exhausting. I wear my large uniform to work now because I can't stand to look at myself unless I am swallowed by a t-shirt. How is that any way to live? I have these hopes and dreams for myself, but no ambition. So I am making it for myself.

I will witness the sunrise everyday,
I will run,
I will cherish time with my family,
I will reconnect with my friends,
I will change TODAY,
I will, I will, I will.

Don't let your dreams fall behind. Don't be the roadblock keeping you from what you could be. Don't lose faith in yourself. Don't give up!

You are amazing and you are capable of amazing things! People like you do eye opening and life changing things everyday. DO SOMETHING AMAZING!