Girl Talk || Horrid Habits

Monday, August 15, 2016

What are "Horrid Habits"?

Well, we all have them... Whether we like to admit it or not, we do. They are things we know we shouldn't do, but somehow they've snuck their way into our daily routine. Could be nail biting, hoarding, or even picking your nose... We know how they start... But how do you stop? Well I'm laying my worst out on the table for you today. Isn't that exciting? Please feel free to input your own hated habits or tips on how you overcame them in the comments. After all, this is Girl Talk... Lets talk.

PROCRASTINATION - Oh, Maddie, why on Earth would you make this your first "Horrid Habit"? Is it because you planned out an entire month of blog posts, and you've only followed through one of them so far because you keep putting off your never-ending list of to-dos? Oh yes, it is...

I'm so sorry y'all, I want my cozy little corner of the internet to be something you all can count on, and I know it isn't quite there yet. I can sit here and make excuses... But that is an excuse in itself. Procrastination is a frightening habit, and it is a hard one to break. Hopefully I can offer you some tips on how to fight the urge to wait:

  • Deadlines are always closer than you think. If you have a deadline that seems far away, that is a perfect time to start.
  • Make lists of things you need to do to complete your task. If you make a dent in the assignment, odds are, you are going to be more motivated to finish in time.
  • Plan ahead, mark a calendar of when you need to be finished with each step. (Example: When writing a paper that is due by the end of the month, brainstorm and write your thesis/ introduction the first week, body/supporting paragraphs the second, conclusion the third, and proofread and strengthen your paper on the final week before submission!)
  • Don't forget to breathe! You can tackle anything you put your mind to! Don't let fear or frustration get in your way!

CUSSING - Okay, this has been a New Year's resolution of mine for many, MANY years, and I feel as though I am no closer to eliminating this disgusting habit.

Cussing isn't really the first thing people think of when they think "habits", but it is something that I have always felt strongly about quitting. It isn't really an issue my family has brought to my attention, but I know my mother has to be cringing every time I let one slip. This is the mindset I am trying to learn in order to reduce, if not eliminate, my nasty mouth vomit:

  • Learn to acknowledge when you have spoken naughtily. This should honestly be everyone's first step. Once you become aware, you are far more likely to stop using that dirty vocabulary.
  • Instead of using the words f*ck, sh*t, a**, and c*nt (hate that one), try substituting the word cuss. (I believe Ross uses this in an episode of FRIENDS.)
    • "You ate my last scone? You little cuss."
    • "CUSS! I just stubbed one of my cussing phalanges on this cussing bedside table!"
    • "Well, I just stepped in dog cuss."
    • I also love to call people "poopheads", and I am now also very well known for it.
^ Granted, this sounds a little silly, but it was a much more fun way of getting my point across. 
  • Surround yourself with small children... I have two very young siblings with whom I live with. Cussing around them is something I strive to avoid, mainly because my three year old sister is an enormous copy-cat. #ohdear

NAIL BITING - This habit... This cussing habit (lol) has followed me since I was a little girl. It was always something my dad took very seriously. He would take one look at my nails and shake his head. It was hard enough having sore fingers/nailbeds all the time, but knowing my dad was disappointed in me made things far worse. These are the only things that seemed to help me:

  • Soak your nails in nail polish remover.
  • Paint your nails with Sally Hansen's "No More Biting".
  • Keep them trimmed.
  • Keep them painted.
  • Treat yourself when they are long and get a manicure. 
  • Carry a nail kit around in your purse for those "on-the-go" hangnails.

MESSY MENTALITY - Messy mentality is my way of saying you are a sloppy Joe... A messy Bessie. You aren't necessarily gross, just not tidy...

I love a nice, clean room/car/house. It is probably my favorite thing in the entire world; however, once laundry gets behind, once I get sick, once I half-decide to rearrange my room, everything goes downhill. Here is what I try to do to avoid pre-mess disaster.

  • Throw out unnecessary things every chance you get.
  • Don't start new crafts/projects if you didn't finish the last.
  • When changing clothes, actually make sure that they make it in the clothes hamper.
  • Set aside a day to deep clean, but only if your targeted zone is already "straightened up", you'll end up with a bigger mess than before.
  • Watch HGTV - You know that stuff is inspiring.

SELF LOATHING - Don't pretend this isn't a habit. It is probably my worst. The whole "glass half full" aspect wasn't (and still isn't) my strongest trait. I'd lay awake some nights and tear myself up inside wanting to change, but before you can change... You have to learn to love yourself. Consider these tips to get away from those painful lies in your head.

  • Eliminate ugly people/situations from your life. They are toxic and can ruin the way you view things and yourself.
  • Confide in someone who confides in you.
  • Cherish everyday.
  • Breathe through the bad.
  • Smile the biggest, and be the reason someone smiles.

It's obvious I'm not the best at eliminating this one, because this, along with the others listed here are the demons that I battle everyday. I want to stop doing these things, but mostly for myself... Not because someone told me I HAD to. If you have any more issues with finding love within yourself, please email me at anytime, anonymous or not. I've touched on what to do if you are ready to change your life on my previous post here. It might help, it might not, but after all, I'm here for y'all. You go girls.