The Blogpost That Can Change Your Life

Friday, May 13, 2016

1. Numbers DON'T define you.

Weight, height, GPA, test scores, shoe size, bra size, or the size of your jeans. These numbers may measure you, but they don't define you. So don't let them change who you are. That person you admire? That has the "perfect body" or "perfect life"? Has insecurities too... Sometimes the same ones you do. You can't measure self-confidence, beauty, or pure awesomeness by any number... So stop trying.

2. That boy will fade.

He got you good, didn't he? He fooled you, played you, and betrayed you... But to you, he is still your world. You make excuses and pretend you don't want him back, when in all actuality, you would give anything to have another chance. From my experience, a nice haircut, new outfit, and/or a good run will do wonders, but do it for yourself. Don't do anything to get him back. I'm telling you, if there was ever any doubt in his mind that you were not the one... HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU. Never change yourself for someone else, because someone out there is either in love with, or will be in love with the things about you he couldn't... If you don't let that boy go, the one who truly deserves your time might just be another face in the crowd.

3. Believe in something.

I cannot sit here and "shove God down your throat", but I can tell you that having something to believe in is extremely important. Knowing there is something out there bigger than yourself helps you realize the weight of the world isn't just on you. You can't avoid every hardship, the ugly side of the world will always remain... And so will your faith. If just the sight of the sun alone gives you hope. Believe in it. Luck, destiny, Buddhism, Christianity, fate, or just science... Believe.

4. Dress/Act everyday like you are about to meet the love of your life.

I'm not recommending a full face of makeup for every trip to the grocery store, but I am telling you to look your best, even if your best today is pretty bad. Represent your personality in every way you can. You can't meet someone twice, and you can't rewrite a first impression.

5. Any of this could be gone tomorrow.

Don't make me say this twice, you have something you've lost in mind right now I'm sure... A family member, a pet, a best friend, a home, or even a job. Life is so delicate and nothing lasts forever. Treat it as such. Take advantage of what could disappear in a matter of seconds. Life is practically a magician, and it won't reveal it's secrets.

6. Passion is important.

Don't you hate it when teachers pass around an index card on the first day of class and ask you to "Write one interesting thing about yourself." or worse... "Stand up and tell us your name and something to remember you by." What do you say? "Hi, I'm Maddie and I'm 1/4 Australian." or "Hi, I'm Maddie and I am a band nerd." What could you possible say that wouldn't embarrass the absolute crap out of yourself? What makes you interesting? One answer... Passion. It makes you who you are more than anything. Whether it be baking, drawing, or knitting. What isn't passion, is something you are ashamed of. Don't say cheerleading or playing piano if you never liked it to begin with. Don't torture yourself with wasting a second of your time doing something you only enjoy so much. Tell me... If Mozart had spent a chunk of his time weightlifting instead of composing, would he be a influential as he is today? Find something that can make you fall in love with yourself. Find your passion.

7. Watch your mouth.

a. "She's got a mouth like a sailor," is not something a boy wants to proudly announce to his mother. Cursing is a habit. Once you start, it will change the way people look at you. It is not going to give you the respect you are searching for... I promise.

b. If you want to change the world, your Facebook status is not the place to do it. I've seen the internet ruin lives. I've seen cyberbullying begin over someone expressing their hatred for Meghan Trainor. I've seen cyberbullying also turn into even worse backlashing. Please, don't aim to offend on social media. Your opinion is worth more to the right audience.

8. Some days WILL be hard.

I've had those days, cried to the point my eyes were swollen shut the next 24-hours. Listened to the same song twelve times in a row, because it is the only thing that seemed to understand how I felt. I've fought with my best friend, lost the boy, missed my chance for the boy, and just cried for absolutely no reason. Sometimes you won't understand, but there will be things that can make you smile. Here are a few that I've set aside for myself.

  • Create a playlist of songs that make you happy. (If you can't find any, Spotify has some.)
  • Take a walk.
  • Run a bath.
  • Call an old friend.
  • Exercise.
  • Watch cat videos. (EXTREMELY effective...)
  • Refer to #3 and #6.
  • Write a new blog post.

9. Say YES!

Need I say more? I remember zip-lining, sunrises after all-nighters, the slimy texture of an oyster on my tongue, and wincing at a needle piercing my ears far more than the lazy day I blew everyone off for. "You will start to enjoy life, the more you say yes to things." - Guess the YouTuber (HINT: She has learned this lesson herself.)

10. It's not too late...

You may think this may contradict #5, but if you treat the world as though it is ending... Then you didn't understand #5 at all. Change your life. Cherish everyone, every moment, everything. If you are struggling, the biggest hurdle you are going to have to jump is yourself. So I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible. Get over yourself! (Get it? ♡)