Girl Talk || Back to School

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Welcome to Girl Talk! A new, once a month series just for us girls... I haven't necessarily planned for it to be my blog's first post of the month, but it WILL be included once a month. The topic will change with every post and the comment section will be open for those who would like to input as well. I chose this series because I didn't want my blog to be about just tutorials and diys. I wanted to show you who I am as a person, a person who has quite a few things on her mind. So, without further a-do... Here is post one of Girl Talk.

*insert brief applause*

Thank you, thank you. How was your summer? Short? Yeah... It's that time of the year again. We've all seen the commercials creeping in and now that August has begun, we cannot avoid it any longer. The dreaded school year. Whether it be grade school, high school, or your sophomore year of college (Hey, that's me!), you know it's coming. In all honesty, is it really dreaded? Or are you just not mentally prepared for the months to come? Below are some of the worst things a girl has to deal with before going back to school, how to overcome those frightening obstacles, and truly enjoy your first few weeks back in hell,  I mean school.

Obstacle 1: The Sleep Shuffle

Okay paws, (lol) look at the cat on the right having the time of his life. Cute right? Okay, continue.
If you're like me, you've spent the summer staying up all night and sleeping through the entire day... Convincing yourself you can flip flop your sleeping arrangement at anytime, when the truth is, you no longer know the difference between night and day. You get so incredibly close and spend the best parts of one day being torched by the sun, only to immediately come home and crash for a mid to late afternoon nap... Placing you back at square one. With a night full of this... (refer to dancing cats on the right side of screen.) And with a night full of that, you're doomed to have a first week of school filled with this... (refer to super sexy man below on your screen...)

And I'm not talking about a week of school filled with the slightly tempered, yet still sexy Adam Levine. I'm talking about you my friend... 

So how do you change your schedule? How do you avoid the slightly temperedness? Easy... plan ahead. Give your body plenty of time to adjust to the new schedule. To begin, you might have to wake up early one day and bathe in coffee and energy drinks to keep your lids open while the sun is shining, but you can do it! Don't think you can just get a good night's sleep the day before and wake up as Little Miss Sunshine... Because you wont be. You'll be sporting those designer bags all through the halls... And I'm not talking about handbags. So give your body time to adjust... I know I've said it twice, but I could not be more serious. You owe it to yourself to start the year off right.

Obstacle 2: First Day Anxiety

I know the idea of going back to school can be overwhelming at times. The shear thought of walking through those doors breaks your heart, and that's normal. It's hard entering a room of possible strangers knowing that will be your life for the next 5-10 months, but you can do it, and it is just one day. We all have those fears... My least favorite part of the first day {That I have actually touched on in a previous blog post.} is the, "Please stand up, say your name, and one thing about yourself."... Like seriously? And don't even get me started on the "Get to know each other" games. Two Truths and One Lie? C'mon... To survive, just keep in mind that everyone is just as annoyed by these petty games and social experiments as you are. Stand up and face it, no one is going judge you for feeling the same way as they do. P.S I don't know who the boy on the left is, but I think we can all agree that we know EXACTLY how he feels.
Obstacle 3: Parental Photoshoot

Okay, this might not apply to everyone... But my mother has always been one to make sure to snap a picture as I am trying to head out the door for class. I literally have a photo from every first day. Embarrassing right? What's even worse is they are probably the most unattractive pictures ever taken of me... But they mean the world to my mom. My advice to you is; take the pictures, give her a pose, a smile, a hug, and a kiss if that's what she wants. She is proud of you and I promise it'll be a great start to your morning.

Obstacle 4: Lost = Tardy

It's the worst feeling. I know, you've darted all through the halls and have yet to find your class. Don't worry, no teacher is expecting all of their students to make it to class on the first try every time. Just breathe, stay calm, and don't be afraid to ask for directions. I was 10 minutes late to my very first lecture in college because I was too scared to ask for directions, and I still wasn't the last person to arrive. I think the best advice for this is to plan ahead and right before your next class, double check your schedule to know which direction you are headed. It doesn't hurt to be extra cautious. 

Obstacle 5: Fitting In

Please, this is the easiest part. Fitting in is all a mental concept. Find a group of friends that you belong with and stick to them. As long as you fit in with them, who cares about everyone else? For what it's worth, I love you, because you've made it through my entire rambling post. A person who can handle my rambling is worth my friendship. My inbox is always open if you are feeling overwhelmed... Let get through this together, but please do me a favor this year, be yourself and surround yourself with people who deserve your time. Don't conform for a world that has been round it's entire existence. If the world won't change for you, why change for it? Corny, I know... But you get the picture. Here's to a new year and a new start. You go girls.