More Than Pounds Holding Me Down

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I am beyond disappointed in myself right now. I completed two consecutive days of the “Cize” program and have yet to continue. It has nothing to do with the intensity of the program, it my own excuses in the way. (Most commonly, "I'm a full time student!", "I'm too tired!", "Work = Exercise!".) I do plan on continuing... But I still hate the idea of failing. I hate the idea of looking in the mirror and thinking, "What's the point?".  I hate the idea of being stuck in a one piece AGAIN this summer. I hate the idea of being one day closer to meeting the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with and not looking my best for him.

Do not fear, I AM NOT FINISHED.

 I HAVE, however, began eating much, much better. I start practically everyday with an Atkins “Milk Chocolate Delight Shake”. Which I have to admit, I LOVE. Granted, they don’t taste like they came straight out of a Sonic drive through window, but they are still AMAZING. I have noticed a major reduce, if not elimination, of my daily cravings. I have also purchased a loaf of honey wheat bread along with deli slices of chicken breast and a not-so-fatty cheese to make sandwiches instead of grabbing Taco Bell on the way to work everyday. It may not be the best substitution, but it is a much better alternative. These choices along with carrying along my Camelbak filled with water everyday has made a HUGE difference in my sleep habits, ability to retain water, and endurance. 

I’m hoping to make a late-night shopping trip tonight and fill my cart with nothing but healthy choices. I know I will need a fruit or something that I can eat along with my shake every morning, more Fiber One bars (YAS), and more deli meat for my sandwiches. Let’s hope I am not tempted by the LAST CHANCE post-Valentine’s Day candy sales and now surfacing Easter candy. Say a prayer for my wandering stomach.