To Be or Not to Be Fit

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I hated the idea of having a fitness blog, but I loved the idea of being fit. When it comes to my image you might see polished selfies and bright smiles, but it isn’t always that way. 

My weight has always been something I have struggled with. Even as a newborn, I was over 8 lbs. 

Being 4’11”, I have never met the target weight on those stupid BMI scales either. I have always been the most overweight of my siblings and felt as thought they made sure I was aware of it. I would get water and salads at our favorite restaurants while they had burgers, desserts, and fried food galore.

 I wanted to lose the weight more than anything. Due to a lack of self confidence, I suffered from a huge decline in commitment and determination. I'd begun to wonder if no matter what I did I would never lose the weight...


I've begun to fear I will be this way forever.