"The End of Exercise"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

One Saturday morning, (Last Saturday morning) I woke up at around 6:00 am to an infomercial for the super intriguing Cize program. For those of you who do not know what Cize is, look it up…

Just kidding. ♡

Cize is a workout collection created by Shaun T, the founder of the infamous INSANITY program. Before Saturday, I had never heard of Cize nor did I want to pursue it… But that Saturday morning watching those people having so much fun dancing and working out, I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Being an early bird, I know how these infomercials work… They draw you in, appeal to your interests/weaknesses, and provide you with “unbeatable” deals. (Even though if you continue watching for an additional five minutes, they will beat the unbeatable) I kept that in mind and told myself over and over you might commit to this for a week or two at most, and, this will sit in your closet for weeks… But before I knew it, I was dialing that incredibly long 1-800 number.

Spending the money wasn’t painful… Speaking to the sales person almost caused me to flat line… Our conversation lasted OVER AN HOUR. I was already sold! Why was she trying to sell me a lifetime warranty for a package of DVDs? I recall only a few of the many things she offered me…
·       Deluxe Package: $75
·       (Once I declined…) “Not So Deluxe” Package: Only an additional $9.95 to my 3 payments
·       30-day supply of some sort of vitamins $1 + $3.95 shipping & handling
·       An ADDITIONAL bottle of vitamins… (You know, so I NEVER run out) $1 + $3.95
·       Lifetime Warranty $3.00
·       Shakeology Samples
·       Opportunity for a FREE pair of socks (Which probably had shipping and handling as well.)

She kept going over my total, (which ranged from $19.95 over a span of three months to a single payment of $175), but no matter what price I agreed to, she continued to present MORE OPTIONS! It was as if she could tell how gullible I was through the phone. I think next time I order something over the phone, I am just going to say, “Look, throw away that stupid script… I just want the goods and nothing more… Kapeesh?”

Granted, I can complain about my experience all I want, but this woman knew how to do her job

Anyways, after my EXCRUCIATING interrogation by the super sweet lady who sold me the program, she provided me with very helpful information and a customer service number in case I had any additional issues/questions. My grand total was around $122.69. Which again… I’m not complaining. Who can put a price on confidence?

MOVING ON, my purpose for bringing this is up simply because I have received my Cize package and I have been using it since Monday. I have taken my measurements and starting weight as instructed and also began eating better. I will be reviewing this program hopefully the entire time I use it. I am incredibly excited to see what lies in store for me and I have full confidence in my new workout plan. ♡