14 Wallpapers That Scream Spring

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Since it is finally beginning to feel like spring ‘round here, I figured it was time to change stuff up a bit and add a few “spring inspired” touches to my life. So, nothing like a fresh wallpaper to get yourself into the season right? I have gathered a few of my favorite seasonal wallpapers and thought I’d share. Enjoy! xoxo
I love the “fading” affect this wallpaper has, it contrasts so well with your lock screen clock! This flush of pink ombré will start your spring off with some pastel flair! 
These roses with a vintage touch are beyond adorable. It almost begs for a cute monogram, doesn’t it?
Express your grunge side with this sassy “frosted flower” background. Perhaps I’ll send this to my mom during our next argument…
How inspiring is this? Give yourself a background that will set you off in a “springy” mood.
We aren’t just talking about the season here. This inspiring message tells you to keep going... The sun will surface.
Grab your gear, this background is more than just inspiration… “Explore More”, and that’s an order!
This pastel wallpaper speaks for itself. I love the color, calligraphy, and message.
Seriously, how cool would you be with these stylish giraffes on your lock screen? C’mon…
What a beautiful daily lock screen reminder of all God has created for you. Trust today will be great, because it is YOURS.

Love this vintage floral design. The bright blues, yellows, and pinks get you in a spring mood really quick.  
Nothing quite like a donut with sprinkles to brighten up your day. Careful, this background can make you really hungry really quickly. 
 These watercolor palm leaves almost make me feel summer bound. Oh no! My beach body isn’t ready yet!

This floral arrangement is so unique! I love the collaboration of all the pinks with the touch of green.

This reminds me of a ragdoll my mother made for me when I was little. It’s probably my favorite. I can still remember the floral pattern quite like this that her sundress was made from. Awe, memories.

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